September 6th, 2017
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September 5th, 2017
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It's the weekly report on the state of triage in Firefox-related components.

Marking Bugs for the Firefox 57 Release

The bug that will overshadow all the hard work we put into the Firefox 57 release has probably already been filed. We need to find it and fix it. If you think a bug might affect users in the 57 release, please set the correct Firefox versions affected in the bug, and then set the tracking-request flag to request tracking of bug by release management team.

Poll Result

It’s not a large sample, but by an 8-1-1 margin, you said you’d like a logged-in BMO home page like:

Now, the catch. We don’t have staff to work on this, but I’ve filed a bug, to do this work. If you’d like undying gratitude, and some WONTFIX swag, grab this bug.


The components with the most untriaged bugs remain the JavaScript Engine and Build Config.

**Rank**   **Component**                  **Last Week**   **This Week**
---------- ------------------------------ --------------- ---------------
1          Core: JavaScript Engine        477             472
2          Core: Build Config             459             455
3          Firefox for Android: General   408             415
4          Firefox: General               254             258
5          Core: General                  241             235
6          Core: JavaScript: GC           180             175
7          Core: XPCOM                    171             172
8          Core: Networking               159             167
           All Components                 8,822           8,962

Please make sure you’ve made it clear what, if anything will happen with these bugs.

Not sure how to triage? Read

Next Release

**Version**                           56      56    57     57      57      57
------------------------------------- ------- ----- ------ ------- ------- -------
**Date**                              7/31    8/7   8/14   8/21    8/21    9/5
**Untriaged this Cycle**              4,479   479   835    1,196   1,481   1,785
**Unassigned Untriaged this Cycle**   3,674   356   634    968     1,266   1,477
**Affected this Release**             139     125   123    119     42      83
**Enhancements**                      103     3     5      11      17      15
**Orphaned P1s**                      192     196   191    183     18      23
**Stalled P1s**                       179     157   152    155     13      23

What should we do with these bugs? Bulk close them? Make them into P3s? Bugs without decisions add noise to our system, cause despair in those trying to triage bugs, and leaves the community wondering if we listen to them.

Methods and Definitions

In this report I talk about bugs in Core, Firefox, Firefox for Android, Firefox for IOs, and Toolkit which are unresolved, not filed from treeherder using the intermittent-bug-filer account*, and have no pending needinfos.

By triaged, I mean a bug has been marked as P1 (work on now), P2 (work on next), P3 (backlog), or P5 (will not work on but will accept a patch).

A triage decision is not the same as a release decision (status and tracking flags.)

Untriaged Bugs in Current Cycle

Bugs filed since the start of the Firefox 57 release cycle (August 2nd, 2017) which do not have a triage decision.

Recommendation: review bugs you are responsible for ( and make triage decision, or RESOLVE.

Untriaged Bugs in Current Cycle Affecting Next Release

Bugs marked status_firefox56 = affected and untriaged.

Enhancements in Release Cycle

Bugs filed in the release cycle which are enhancement requests, severity = enhancement, and untriaged.

​Recommendation: ​product managers should review and mark as P3, P5, or RESOLVE as WONTFIX.

High Priority Bugs without Owners

Bugs with a priority of P1, which do not have an assignee, have not been modified in the past two weeks, and do not have pending needinfos.

Recommendation: review priorities and assign bugs, re-prioritize to P2, P3, P5, or RESOLVE.

Inactive High Priority Bugs

There 159 bugs with a priority of P1, which have an assignee, but have not been modified in the past two weeks.

Recommendation: review assignments, determine if the priority should be changed to P2, P3, P5 or RESOLVE.

Stale Bugs

Bugs in need of review by triage owners. Updated weekly.

* New intermittents are filed as P5s, and we are still cleaning up bugs after this change, See,, and

If you have questions or enhancements you want to see in this report, please reply to me here, on IRC, or Slack and thank you for reading.


7 8