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Birthdate:Mar 15
Location:Sunnyvale, California, United States of America
Website:Strata Rose Chalup
Drop me a note if you want to stay in touch, or if you'll be somewhere in the South Bay and want to meet up. Other places to find me:

* My Bay Area Garden
* Art.Net
* Mobilis in Mobili

Interests (153):

802.11, a pattern language, adobe, agriculture, amateur radio, apache, ares, aromatherapy, babylock esante, baylisa, beading, biker babes, bisexuality, blacksmithing, bluegrass, blues, body art, boston, bubble tea, buses, cajun, cake decorating, calligraphy, camping, cats, celtic music, chinese food, christine lavin, christopher alexander, classic cars, clay, cob, comics, computer graphics, consulting, cooking, costuming, county fairs, digital photography, doors of perception, drawing, drumming, earth-sheltered housing, empathogens, ethical sluts, firesign theater, fireworks, flea markets, florida, funky vehicles, gardening, gaslight, geekery, geeks, girl genius, goats, greg bear, gypsy caravans, ham radio, herb garden, herbology, hiking, homebuilt rvs, homesteading, hot springs, hotsprings, httpd, ink drawing, jack flanders, jaegermonsters, jewelery, jm jarre, judaism, julian may, lao tzu, laptops, lavender, leather, leds, loreena mckennit, machine embroidery, mad scientists, maine, manatees, massage, meditation, mercedes lackey, mild kink, mit, miyazaki, motorhome, mycology, mzb, naturist, nerds, new england, new hampshire, niobium, nlp, norwescon, oregon, orson scott card, orycon, permaculture, persian food, poetry, polyamory, python, quebecois, reading, reflexology, renaissance fairs, rennfaire, ruby, rv, sage, sapiosexuality, sca, sci-fi, science fiction, scuba diving, seattle, sensuality, sewing, shakahachi, shamanism, singing, snorkeling, steampunk, straw bale, surf rock, sushi, swimming, sysadmin, systems administration, tai chi, talmud, tangerine dream, tattoos, thai ice tea, totoro, travel, unix, usenix, vegetable gardening, wanderlodge, watsu, wiki, wireless, writing, zbs, zhuangzi, zydeco
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